Monday Morning Motivation – stick or carrot?

Some Motivation is Required2

What gets you up and running?

Are you motivated by fear or rewards? We’ve all seen those ‘I run for cake/wine/beer/icecream’ headbands, but what really makes you go out and exercise? Surely the best motivation is the feeling you have when your workout is done?

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  1. I have competing positive and not so positive motivators.
    My positive ones are I love the feeling of getting back from a long run and knowing you’ve achieved something.

    My not so positive motivators are fear of losing my fitness or piling on the pounds if I stop running and keep eating as if I hadn’t 😀

  2. Yes – the feeling I have from running and after the run! That’s the best. I do exercise to balance out having a small bit of leeway with my diet because otherwise I have issues maintaining my weight. But the results both inside and out are the motivator!

  3. I definitely run for confidence first and foremost. Nothing makes me feel like I can take on the world like a quick 2 miles in 25 minutes! Which is fast for me although I’m getting faster all the time. But knowing I’m doing something healthy for my body and taking care of myself, is also good motivation. Since I don’t seem to lose any weight running I can’t say that’s my motivation…

    • It’s great to get out and feel that you’re achieving something by surpassing your own goals, isn’t it. I do wish that mileage = weightloss, but you’re right that it doesn’t.

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