2x5k time trials

Sand timer to represent a time trial

My challenge was to do two 5km time trials. I had to do a 10-15 minute warm-up and then do the time trials. Ideally, I needed to find somewhere away from cars or traffic lights. The alternative option was to do the time trials at home on my turbo trainer. However, I need to work on my confidence and bike handling skills. Pedalling on a turbo trainer won’t do that!

I decided to cycle up to The Common for my warm up and then cycle the 5km parkrun route for my time trial. Unfortunately, this was not a good choice of route as there were so many people on the paths (along with dogs), so I didn’t manage to cycle particularly quickly. My time for the first 5k was 15:14, which isn’t much faster than some parkrunners can run the route!

I decided that I needed to find somewhere else, so I headed out off The Common and onto the road. I decided to head towards Shirley High Street which has a lot of traffic lights and quite often has cars parked in unauthorised places. Fortunately, I didn’t need to pause too much, so I managed the second 5k in about 12:49.

I then cycled home, feeling reasonably pleased with myself. I know that I should be able to maintain a much faster pace (and have done in the past), but I am feeling a bit more confident.

When I got back I posed for a selfie. It was the first time that I had worn this particular cycling top, even though I bought it last year. It’s got oriental lilies on it, which are my favourite flowers 🙂

My new Briko top
My ‘new’ Briko top

Have you ever done a 5k cycling time trial? What are your tips?

I'd love to hear your thoughts...

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