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As I mentioned at the weekend, I’ve decided not to rely on my own slightly crazy planning to get me through Challenge Weymouth. I’ve engaged Ant Gritton as my coach.

Using Training Peaks

One of the first tasks that Ant set was to import my data from Garmin Connect to Training Peaks. I’m usually pretty good with computers, but this was a bit of a battle. It resulted in me reverting to Garmin Training Center. I had to export my data before importing it via Training Peaks Device Agent. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t import my swim data. I had to add that manually. This was the result:

My training peaks data
My Training Peaks data

I think the data is likely to be flawed as it doesn’t include everything that I’ve done since January. It also includes some gentle jogs that I’ve done with friends.

Understanding my Training Peaks data image

However, beautiful as the image may be, I needed some info from Coach Ant to be able to interpret it:

Basically the pink line shows the results of any short-term effects your training has had. Basically how much fatigue you are likely to be experiencing. The blue is an estimate of your current level of fitness, the result of long-term training and more importantly consistent training. The yellow is a balance of the two – your form.

It’s a pretty complicated thing, but shows the power of training consistently and being able to monitor and adapt as we need to.
The graph shows that training for you has been a bit inconsistent (possibly as some of the data from your swim isn’t included).
The pink shows fatigue increasing from the start of March and consistently rising without too much recovery time, which is why the yellow line is a bit all over the place.
So, based on this and my current injuries, I am resting until Thursday. Today, I am going to see a doctor about my arm injury, as it is still incredibly painful. I will also ask her about my asthma as I am using my inhaler quite frequently. Thursday’s work out is going to be an hour on the turbo trainer. I’ve only done 40 minutes on the turbo trainer before. This means I’m going to have to dig out some music to listen to whilst I’m there. Apparently ‘Appetite for Reduction’ is a good album for spinning. I love it, but think I’m more likely to be successful with Avicii.
Are there any albums that you like for spinning/turbo training?

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  1. Most of Chase and Status works for me…..Particularly ‘No Problem’…EPIC spin song. I have it on my running playlist too and whenever it comes on I always end up speeding up because I associate it with sprints in spin class 🙂

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