Getting back on my bike

My cycling essentials: nuun, Team SOAS bottles and an inhaler

It was back to work today, which meant that I had to get back on my (hybrid) bike. I had thought that it would be easier than riding my road bike, but, unfortunately, I had forgotten how heavy my work bike is. Just the 3.5-mile journey to work was enough to bring tears to my eyes 🙁

This afternoon, I cycled to the doctors, so that I could get my arm checked out. The diagnosis confirmed what I suspected: I’ve sprained my shoulder and my wrist. I was advised to rest for 2-3 weeks. That’s a great idea, but I need to cycle to work every day, so it’s not possible. I also want to get on with my Challenge Weymouth training programme.

I also discussed my recent breathing difficulties. The doctor thinks that I am displaying classic asthma symptoms, so I have to take some peak flow readings. 🙁 I hope that this is resolved quickly!

The good news is that I can get a replacement for my lost SOAS Racing bottle. I’ve also ordered some motivational reading to try to inspire me, so watch out for some reviews.

I’ve also received some more photos from my holiday. In case I sounded a bit negative about it all,  thought I’d include a photo of me looking happy as I reached the summit of Col D’Aspin:

Reaching the summit of Col D'Aspin
Reaching the summit of Col D’Aspin

What I’ve been viewing online this week

Hopefully, I’ll manage to be this happy when I’m 100:

I also like this video:

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