First RR10 of the season – Royal Victoria Country Park

25 Apr

Yesterday was the first RR10 of the season. My first race with Lordshill was the last RR10 of the 2011 season. Last year I struggled because I had so many injuries, so I’d like to do well this year.

However, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to run well for a variety of reasons, including still being tired from Paris marathon and being seriously overweight as I can’t seem to stop eating at the moment. Another excuse that I had was that although I had my trail shoes, I had left the insoles at home on the radiator, so I didn’t know how comfortable my shoes would be.

DSC_0299_8679476858_l  DSC_0302_8679477070_l DSC_0303_8679477168_lDSC_0304_8679477228_l

DSC_0305_8679477322_l DSC_0307_8678367091_l DSC_0308_8679477576_l DSC_0309_8679477656_l DSC_0310_8678367307_l

The race didn’t start too badly, so I ran the first lap (until the beach) with Alice and Becky, but I knew I would not be able to maintain their pace and my right leg was hurting again.

DSC_0037_8679310394_l DSC_0038_8678200049_l DSC_0039_8679310562_l DSC_0040_8679310644_l DSC_0045_8679310984_l DSC_0976_8679389290_l

I absolutely hate running on sandy beaches, and the combination of shale, shingle and sand on Netley beach is horrible… although I didn’t get any in my shoes which was a relief.

I slowed down considerably on my second lap and was overtaken by Lynda and Luana, but decided that I should keep fighting, especially as there was a Hedge End lady on my shoulder. Eventually, I caught up with the  Cox ladies and passed them on the lovely downhill towards the beach. I then knew I just had to keep going to the finish. Fortunately, Tom Muddiman was near the bottom of the final hill giving encouragement.

I finished in 98th place, which is not a position I’m pleased with, but at least it gives me something to beat in the next race.

After I’d finished, I did a final loop to encourage Sharon, which was much more fun than trying to race it.

DSC_0139_8679217548_lDSC_0140_8678107151_l DSC_0141_8679217748_l DSC_0142_8679217810_l DSC_0222_8679224136_l   DSC_0223_8678113787_l DSC_0224_8678113841_l DSC_0225_8679224380_l DSC_0226_8679224466_l DSC_0227_8678114059_l DSC_0228_8679224602_l

I’ve just looked at the results from last year’s race at Netley and have found that I finished in 98th position then as well… and I didn’t really push myself last year 😦 I’m going to have to work hard if I want to finish in 55th position in my next race (which was last year’s position)!

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