Swimming with the fishes…

17 Mar

One day, I will manage to go to a swimming lesson and not feel exhausted before I start, but today is not that day, and it won’t be next week either (Eastleigh 10k)! Fortunately, all of my training this week has paid off as the instructor and my two fellow students commented that all of my strokes were looking better 🙂

We started out with front crawl, which was good, but we also finished the session with crawl and by that stage I was too tired to breathe properly for two lengths back to back. I definitely need to work on my stamina if I’m going to enter a triathlon as for sprint distance I need to swim 400m (16 lengths)… and ideally I should be able to do tumble turns.

With regards to my backstroke, I need to work on keep my hips up and my head tipped back further and I need to work on my timing for breaststroke.

Next Sunday is the last lesson in my block, but the good news is that I’ve already signed up for the next block as I am determined to crack this! (Another motivating factor is the free open water swimming pass that is valid from 15th April – 15th May that I received at my duathlon today).

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