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Embrace Sports 11/10/14 End of ‘party camp’; bring on triathlon week.

Plane in the sky

It was sad to know that ‘party camp’ was coming to an end. I got up quite early to say goodbye to people and then had some time to do what I wanted, which was mainly lounging around. It felt odd seeing the new group of people arrive. Everyone seemed Read more…

Embrace Sports Woodland trail run and beach recovery run

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I was looking forward to the woodland trail run. I’d done it twice previously and was determined to beat my pace from my previous attempts. The first time I did the woodland trail run, I fell quite badly on my first lap and the second time I did it, I Read more…

Embrace Sports 04/10/14 Arrival at ‘party camp’.

Saturday 4th October We got up early to catch our flight and had the usual curious glances and questions from other travellers who were intrigued by our ‘large suitcases’. After we had checked in, we had a bit of time to wait before our flight, so we went in search Read more…