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Monday Morning Motivation: No Limbits

If this film doesn’t inspire you, then I don’t know what will! To learn more about Mark Ormrod, visit his website: Thank you to everyone who’s voted for Fat Girl to Ironman so far – there’s still time to cast your vote in The 2018 Running Awards.

Monday Morning Motivation – John Young

John Young - paratriathlete

One of the most inspirational triathletes that I’ve read about recently is John Young who is a ‘little person’ (his words). Read more about John Young: Be the hammer – John Young’s blog If you want to find out about John’s latest adventures, check out his Facebook page. You can Read more…

Monday Morning Motivation: Julián Molina Shreds Harder Than You

After a collision with one of the local buses when he was younger, Julian Molina was left with a completely destroyed foot, which later became infected with gangrene, traumatically resulting in the amputation of his entire leg. Most would quit here, but not Julian. Despite his situation, the man has Read more…

Monday Morning Motivation – Stare all you like!

One of the most memorable posters in the ‘This Girl Can’ campaign featured Cassie Cava (@onelegdontcare) In an interview with Marie-Claire, Cassie said: I’m most proud of the fact that I’ve been able to hold onto that unrelenting belief that things would work out and I could embrace the change. Read more…

Monday Morning Motivation – Talk to the backhand

This Girl Can photo

Talk to the backhand is a great advert that is part of the This Girl Can campaign. As with most of the adverts in this series, it has a double meaning. ‘Talk to the hand, ’cause the face ain’t listening’ means someone will not listen to what you’re saying. The word ‘backhand’ Read more…

Workout Wednesday – No need to be Gentile

It’s not really workout related, but I like this video by Zach Anner. If you don’t have time to watch the video, just take away the key message of treating people as individuals 🙂

You have not a leg to stand on

I was recently sent a copy of D.D. Mayers’ autobiographical book: You have not a leg to stand on to review. All opinions about this book are my own. I understood that it was an autobiographical account of a man’s life following paralysis, but apart from that, I didn’t have Read more…