Recent events and (not) parkruns – February 2021

Runner giving someone a high five.

We’ve been living under Covid restrictions for nearly a year now and I’m trying to recover the health and fitness that I’ve lost. I was pleased to see that I had 16 active days in February, mostly because of my (not) parkruns.

Tamsyn's strava stats for February 2021. 134km total distance. 15h 30 total time. 1.371m total elevation.

This year, London Marathon will take place in October. As usual, I entered the ballot, but was unsurprised to receive a rejection email. I don’t like autumn marathons because they require summer training, however I had hoped that I would get a place to motivate me to train harder and lose weight.

Image from London Marathon 2021 rejection email with the slogan 'Sorry - but don't give up!'

(not) parkruns

I am determined to maintain my current fitness level and hopefully improve on it. I am desperate to consistently run 5km in under 30 minutes again. I’ve been trying to run a (not) parkrun every week. For me, the bigger challenge is remembering to log what I’ve done in time.

My first five (not) parkruns.
Tamsyn's results email for (not) parkrun telling her that her best time last week was 41:47.
Tamsyn's fastest ever (not) parkrun time of 32:26 email result.

I’m really pleased to have achieved a season’s best for 5k… even though it is far slower than I would hope to be running.

Castle to Coast

I am also mindful that Castle to Coast is likely to go ahead this year. It was cancelled because of strong winds in 2019 and then because of Covid in 2020. Some new options have been announced. Participants can choose between either full swim, half distance swim (900m) or no swim. It is possible to confirm closer to the time. Because of this, I’m going to focus on cycling and running, so that I’m confident I can complete those parts.

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