Monday Morning Motivation – New Balance: You Are Your Toughest Opponent

You are your toughest opponent

This New Balance commercial shows four inspirational young British athletes talking about how they overcome challenges and push themselves to achieve success…

There is no greater opponent than the one inside your own head. That nagging voice of self-doubt, that voice that tells you to slow down, to give up, to throw in the towel. Toughest Opponent explores the Mind Game that every athlete has to overcome on the path to greatness. If you can overcome your own mind, you can overcome anything.

Aaron Ramsey: He’s always been my fiercest rival. The one person who can get under my skin.

Heather Watson: She knows all my weaknesses. It’s a mental challenge every time you step out.

Joe Root: He never takes a day off. Never lets up.

Non Stanford: You question what you’re doing: can I actually finish this? You have to be prepared to put your head down and get on with it.

Aaron Ramsey: If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be the athlete I am today.


Non Stanford - an athlete who has had to overcome challenges

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