Free gifts for exercising…

…sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

I’ve recently signed up for Bounts. According to the blurb:

Bounts is a digital health app that literally gets you rewards and prizes from big name brands, right down to free stuff from the local store. Get active and earn bounts points which you spend in the reward shop.

– Our mission is to motivate you to keep exercising at least once a day.

– The more exercise you do, the more reward points you earn for high street brands, prizes and experiences.

– Bounts helps you track all your exercise and healthy activity in one place.

– Connect your favourite running apps, devices like Fitbit and Jawbone or check-in at gyms and venues with the bounts mobile app.


It seems quite easy to earn points, but I think you need to rack up loads of points to actually earn anything good. You can pay £9.99 a year to upgrade to the ‘Essential’ plan which will allow you to earn points more quickly, but I just like the idea of getting rewarded for something that I would do anyway.

I have a friend referral code:


If you use this, we will both get 100 points.

In order to start ‘buying’ items using Bounts, you need to accumulate over 700 points. Maybe by Christmas, I’ll be able to get something!

Apparently, it’s possible to register for Bounts in India, Brazil and most European countries, even if their ‘stores’ aren’t available yet.

What do you think? Have you tried Bounts?


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  1. I’ve just entered that too!! The offers look pretty good don’t they? I seem to only get 5 points per run but they all add up! Running heroes do a similar thing too and you get points depending on how far you run. Same sort of thing but doesn’t hurt to try hey?! 🙂

  2. I’m all for this sort of thing. Between Bounts (which I’ve accumulated 1000 points in the first month of use) and Topcashback, that’s going to be an extra £100-£150 towards Christmas next year. A really good concept!

  3. Definitely have to check this out; thanks for sharing! May as well get something extra for miles I’ll run anyway.

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