Maintaining your balance in December

Chris Hoy dressed as Santa

Hey there! I hope that December isn’t proving to be too hectic for you. I’m currently battling the office treats that appear at this time of year and trying to balance my workload, festive parties and training. I don’t have rollers, but even on a turbo trainer, I don’t think I could match Sir Chris Hoy’s multi-tasking skills:

If you have some free time to sit down and relax, you might want to look at the latest issue of Tri Chicks, which is available online. (Subscribe for free here: – it may sound like I’m on commission, but I’m mentioning this as there don’t seem to be many female-focussed triathlon magazines out there and this one is great for newcomers to the sport). I found the article on iron levels and female athletes interesting and am sure that some of my newbie friends will be interested in the guide to buying a wetsuit… although as we’re in the northern hemisphere, I can only dream of open water swimming for a few months!

Some of my friends are training for some crazy mid-winter dips – hat tip to Katherine who’s doing the Parliament Hill Icy Swim Hootenanny and Abi, who’s doing the Christmas Day swim at Weymouth 🙂

I’m starting to think about the events that I’m going to be doing next year. I can’t wait to be back out and racing again. This video has reminded me of that (and made me smile):

Do you have any tips on how to stay sane and keep some balance in your life during the festive season?

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