Secret Santa for triathletes

Baby dressed as Santa opening a present

At this time of year, people start to draw lots for the office Secret Santa, but what can you get if you draw the office athlete?

Here are my picks…

nuun (£6.00 from

Nuun are fantastic electrolyte hydration tablets. Just drop one tab into your running/cycling water bottle and you’ve got a sugar-free drink with all the electrolytes you need to keep you going. One nuun tube has enough tabs to make twelve 16oz (500ml) hydration drinks. A single tube comes in at £6 and is therefore perfect for any secret Santa budget. (This is also a great gift for anyone who might suffer from a hangover or two during the festive season!)

Mule bar chocolate orange
Mule Bar Choc Orange £7.99 from

Known for their fairtrade, organic, creatively flavoured energy bars, Mule Bar is the perfect companion for a winter adventurer, cyclist or runner. They even have a bar which tastes like that festive favourite: chocolate orange. At £7.99 for a pack of 5, Mule Bar is a great gift for the adventurer in your office.

Body glide
Body Glide Original – £6.99 from

Body Glide is an effective way to fight off blisters and chafing for cyclists, runners and triathletes. It’s also great value at only £6.99.

Dare2b gloves
Dare 2b Core Stretch Gloves – £10.79 from

Perfect for winter runs, these Dare 2b gloves offer high visibility whilst keeping your hands nice and toasty. Available in multiple sizes, they are a good addition to any runner in the winter months. Priced at £10, they offer another good option for your Secret Santa conundrum.

What would you like to get from Santa?

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