Pavement stencil saying 'Why do you love cycling? #ilovecyclingbecause'

In the last couple of weeks, images with the hashtag #Ilovecyclingbecause have appeared on the pavements. The first time I spotted one, I was on my bike (on the road, not on the pavement!) Frustratingly, I passed by too quickly to read what it said. As soon as I went out for a walk, I kept my eyes peeled to try to find one and read it.

Over the next week, I saw various new stencilled designs appearing on the pavements and guessed that they were part of the “My Journey” campaign.

Stencil saying "I love cycling because it makes me feel alive"

Stencil on pavement saying "I love cycling because it saves me money"

A quick google revealed that the images were part of a campaign to raise awareness of local travel options. As a keen cycle commuter, I’d love it if more people were to get on their bikes. I hope that this would encourage people to put pressure on the council to improve the cycling infrastructure.

Over several days a group of artists collected the quotes from cyclists and turned them into an inspirational mural:

Love cycling mural being painted

Love cycling mural being painted

Love cycling mural

The finished design looks great.

Read more in this news story: Mural lets Southampton bike rides show their love of cycling.

What’s the most interesting pro-cycling campaign you’ve seen?

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