Preview of the 2015 SOAS racing Brand Ambassador kit

Pieces of fabric laid out to be sewn into new SOAS kit.

I’ve absolutely loved wearing the 2014 SOAS Brand Ambassador kit (and have to admit that my workout wardrobe is significantly more turquoise as a consequence… I even refused to buy a new pair of Brooks PureFlows until my local shop agreed to get them in turquoise), so I’ve been waiting with bated breath to find out what the 2015 kit would be like.

The first hint was the ‘team kit’ that was previewed at Interbike, back in September.

SOAS 2015 sale

We had another hint back in November when we saw the exclusive Kona kits, which were in the trademark turquoise with fluorescent accents:

Kona 4 SOASKona 1 SOASKona 2 SOAS Kona 3 SOASKona Gina SOAS

Then finally, we got the first glimpse of the awesome kit that I’ll be wearing in 2015:

New SOAS kit

Fortunately, there’s still some turquoise, so I don’t need to replace my shoes etc. I really like the look of this design, and am so excited about receiving another super box full of goodies from SOAS.

I am also really happy to know that some of the awesome triathletes I met this year are going to be on the team, including:

  • Kat Marshall, who coaches on the Embrace Sports camps that I love
  • Elena Nikitina, who I met when cycling in the Pyrenees in May
  • Rosie Wild, who I met at a triathlon training camp in Portugal

As soon as the new SOAS kits are available, I’m going to be stocking up as I LOVE the new designs. Which one is your favourite?


Update – December 2015
I have loved wearing this kit this year and am just as excited about the 2016 kit. I’ve recently blogged about the sneak previews that we’ve had.

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