Monday Morning Motivation – how far can you go in two years?

Corrie Kristick with her bike in 2014

Corrie Kristick has managed to go from being a novice triathlete to a professional in just two years:

A Two Year Journey From Beginner to Professional Triathlete

Corrie Kristick

If you want to find out more about Corrie, she blogs here:

In this article: she discusses how one moment changed her attitude to competition. She also has a healthy attitude towards failure:

“I have failed many times in life inside and outside of sports. It has made me realize that whatever the outcome, success or failure, it’s ok. Essentially, we must not be defined by our sport or our shortcomings, for we are so much more than that. And yes, everything, even failure, happens for a purpose.”

Where will you be in two years time? What are you doing to get there?

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