Day 8 of Pyrenees Tri Camp with Embrace Sports

Lake swim on Day 8 of my Embrace holiday

It was sad that it was the last day of our holiday. I was also feeling exhausted through the exercise and lack of sleep. I felt a strange mix of not wanting the holiday to end combined with a desire to curl up in my own bed and sleep for a week.


The final activity was a lake swim. I considered joining in, but my arm was still painful, so I decided not to aggravate it further. I didn’t want to miss out, though, so I went along as a photographer. If I’d been clever, I would have taken a leaf out of Jose’s book and gone for a run around the lake.

The boys were first into the lake whilst everyone else was still adjusting their kit…




It was clear that some people were not keen to get into the lake, but I found the water temperature to be quite pleasant when I was swimming.




Towards the end of the swim, the sun came out and it really started to warm up.


After swimming, we went back to the farmhouse to finish packing before having lunch and then heading to the airport. It was sad saying goodbye to everyone, but maybe one day I’ll return.

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