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10 of the best sportswear brands for female triathletes

Drawer full of SOAS kit

In the last few years, lots of women-specific sportswear brands have appeared, and it’s great that women now have a wide choice of clothing, so that whatever your size or style, there will be something to suit you. Here are some of the coolest kits I’ve seen online. Soas Racing Read more…


Team Soas Cap, visor and vest

I’m currently off work as I’m ill and the lack of exercise is making me grumpy and impatient, as well as providing me with the time to browse online, which is never a good thing. I’ve seen a few humorous videos this morning, but mostly, I’ve been reading other people’s Read more…

I may not be a winner, but at least I’m losing in style!

Yesterday was such an exciting day. I came home at lunchtime, as I needed to get my car for work and noticed that there was a man on my front lawn. On closer inspection, I realised that it was Adrian, my lovely gardener (I’m not posh, but it was cheaper Read more…