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Friday Five: 5 podcasts that I listen to

5 podcasts that I listen to

Some people like listening to music whilst they’re running, but I tend to run with friends, so it would be antisocial to have headphones on. However, on Fridays, I have the day off, so I listen to podcasts whilst I catch up on housework and prepare food. These 5 podcasts Read more…

Does listening to music make you run faster? New study has the answer. 

Three women running on the beach whilst listening to music

I’ve been reading a number of articles about running with music. The verdict is interesting: Does Music Help You Run Faster? A Look at the Scientific Research. I’ve never run with music (and it’s not allowed in most races), but I’m tempted to sort out a parkrun playlist and give Read more…

No water on the hottest run of the year :-(

I wasn’t sure how I felt about doing Salisbury 10 mile. Two years ago, it was held on an incredibly hot day. I got a 5k PB, but then had to ask Irene to leave me as I was overheating. At the five-mile drinks station, I stopped and had three Read more…