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I’m gonna need a bigger trophy shelf…

Sparpedia Top 30 Running Blogs 2019

Thanks to Sparpedia for including Fat Girl to Ironman in their Top 30 Running Blogs 2019.

Missing in Action

Black and white photo of someone drowning

Hi! I’ve not been blogging much recently for a variety of actions. I’ve been desperately trying to stay afloat and I’m not managing it very well. I really appreciate everyone who reads my blog and especially those of you who take the time to comment, but I need to acknowledge Read more…

Blogging Edge 2015 UK Blog Awards

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I had the most amazing email today: You were nominated by readers in the Blogging Edge 2015 UK Blog Awards and we’ve selected you as one of the 5 finalists in the Sport category. Congratulations! People can vote for you at until 29th October. You just need to click Read more…

Blurring advertising and blogs

Advertising Standards Agency logo

Those of you in the UK may be aware of today’s news story regarding vloggers who have been paid for promotion. In the hours of the day when I’m not attempting to be an elite athlete, I have a job in technology-enhanced learning. I spend a lot of time discussing Read more…

Outside it might be raining, but I’ve just seen a ray of sunshine

Orange gerbera

After having a tough week, it has been really exciting to be nominated for the Sunshine Award by Running to her Dreams. Please take some time to check out her fantastic blog. It includes some really beautiful photographs. I know some of you will be asking what the Sunshine Award is: Read more…