Halloween week training log

Halloween illustration with pumpkins, cobwebs, ghosts, bats and witches' hats.

I’m determined to train consistently so that I can enjoy London Marathon and achieve a time that I’m proud of. I hope to be running 10 miles by the start of 2023. I didn’t train as much as I would have liked to this week as it was M’s birthday (and half term). It was a very busy week. However, an advantage of this was that we did a lot of walking. I was also pleased to fit in a Halloween run.

Monday 24th October – Lordshill Road Runners Group C training

This was a hills session at the sports centre. We did various intervals, including running fast uphill and recovering on the downhill, followed by running fast downhill and recovering on the uphills. There were just three of us in the session. I was the slowest one, but as we were in the same area, I couldn’t get left behind.

We covered 5.77km. My average pace was 7:27/km and my best pace was 4:10/km.

Saturday 29th October – Southampton parkrun

I had a good run on Saturday. I managed to chat with Kate and Teri whilst running and quite enjoyed it… however, it was a bit warm for my liking. In the final few hundred metres, Andy and Mike managed to pass me.

Southampton parkrun results email for event #464. My time was 31:14. It was my 393rd parkrun and my 222nd at Southampton. I finished in 561st place and was 141st female out of 820 parkrunners. I came 17th in my age category.

Although I didn’t get a PB, I’m really proud of M for getting a new PB. She received some new trainers for her birthday and believed that they would help her to run fast!

My average pace was 6:16/km and my best pace was 5:17/km.

Sunday 30th October – volunteering at Southampton junior parkrun – Halloween run

On Sunday morning, we volunteered at Southampton junior parkrun as it was event 400. This is the first parkrun in the world to reach that milestone!

Email that says "Thank you for volunteering at Southampton junior parkrun, event number 400 on 30/10/22".
M dressed as a witch standing between some pumpkins carved with parkrun logos for a Halloween run.

Monday 31st October – Halloween run – Lordshill Road Runners Group C training

Yet again I joined Group C. As it was Halloween, a social Halloween run was scheduled for all groups. We had also been asked to wear costumes. I struggle with getting too hot when I run, so I chose to wear my Gourdy’s pumpkin run top. Although it’s got long sleeves, it’s quite loose and cool and it had a cool pumpkin design on it. All of the runners who turned up in fancy dress or Halloween-related clothes won prizes, so I brought home a can of beer!

Group C was led by Duncan this week. He had planned a great route on the Common taking in all of the small unlit paths, which was quite a lot of fun. At one point, I thought I knew where I was but then we started running in the opposite direction to where I had expected to go. Although I’ve run on the Common for over a decade, it took me several minutes to work out where we were.

There were 4 runners in Group C. One of the ladies had just moved up from Group A/B (but she’s faster than me). The other female runner was attending her first Lordshill session. She’s also got a place in London Marathon, so I guess we might do some of the LRR endurance training sessions together.

My average pace was 7:08/km and my best pace was 5:29/km.

Garmin Connect screenshot - VO2 max is 36 - good. This is the top 35% for my age and gender. My fitness age is 36.
It was really nice to see my VO2 max was back in the green zone as it has been in the orange zone for a long time. I want to get it back to the purple zone.
My training status is productive.
My training status is back to productive, which is motivating!

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