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I’ve nearly achieved my goal for January – walk 10000 steps a day – so I’m now planning my next goal. I’ve decided to take part in the Local Landmarks 10k on Sunday 20th February 2022. This is a new challenge from the same team as the London Landmarks Half Marathon (which I completed in 2018).
It only cost £15 to enter and all registration profits go to the charity Tommy’s to save babies’ lives.

What’s the route?

The quirk of this event is that everyone takes part by plotting their own 10k route. You can walk or run and it’s up to you whether you bring your dog or push a buggy. It’s also open to all ages, so it’s a very inclusive event. (I think I’ll probably encourage M to come along with me. She can walk, run or be pushed as much as she likes). The landmarks don’t have to be nationally-recognised locations. They can be as simple as a church, bridge, park, statue or pub.

brown and white concrete building under white clouds during daytime
Photo by Wesley Nixon on Unsplash

Discover ‘The Grand. The Quirky. The Hidden’ in your town with the Local Landmarks 10K Challenge. Does your town have a golden post box? Perhaps you have Banksy original adorning a building? Or are you simply proud of your local statues and historical buildings? Wherever you live, we all have local landmarks that make our village, town or city the place we call home!

The information suggests that you start at your local post box. My nearest post box is close to the Avenue, which is a very busy road, so I might choose another postbox as a starting point.

About Tommy’s

The Local Landmarks 10k is raising money for Tommy’s, a national charity that funds pioneering medical research. 1 in 4 women will lose a baby during pregnancy or birth. Tommy’s supports women (and their partners) at every stage of their pregnancy journeys as well as aiming to reduce the rates of miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth.

Tommy’s wants to make pregnancy safer for all and ensure that excellent maternity care is available for every family, every baby, everywhere.

Tommy’s organise the London Landmarks Half Marathon annually. Since 2018 around £23M has been raised for multiple charity partners. Anyone participating in the Local Landmark 10K Challenge is encouraged to fundraise for Tommy’s or a cause close to their heart.

The medal

A nice touch about this event is the collectable medal of a golden postbox. It’s a lovely hinged design that opens.

What is the London Landmarks Half Marathon?

The local Landmarks 10K Challenge is organised by the organisers of the London Landmarks Half Marathon, following the popularity of their virtual Local Landmarks Challenge in 2020

“Not everyone can take part in the London Landmarks Half Marathon. The distance can be daunting for some, especially if they aren’t quite ready for a half marathon or perhaps, they are still nervous about taking part in large organised events. The popularity of our virtual challenge in 2020 really showed that there is an appetite for a shorter event that can be completed locally to home but in the same spirit as the LLHM. People can run, walk, wheelchair or even push a buggy on their run. I can’t wait to see pictures from the routes people take all across the country exploring their local landmarks!”

Lia Fyles, Race Director

Have you got any challenges lined up? Are you tempted to enter the Local Landmarks 10k?

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