(not) parkrun – today was a good day

A runner on The Flats on Southampton Common. Text on the image says (not) parkrun - today was a good day.

I’ve not posted for a long time. You can probably guess many of the reasons. However, I’ve missed blogging, so I’ve decided to change that. I don’t have a lot to talk about, but I need to get back on the blogging bike.

I also need to work on getting fit again. For several months in 2020 I was unable to run (or exercise) and I put on some weight. This year, I need to work on getting fitter and slimmer.

Recently, I’ve had a lot of leg pain when running. My shins have been in agony when running uphill, but fine for the rest of my run. I know my Brooks trainers have done a lot of miles and should be retired, but I can’t afford to spend £100 on a pair of shoes right now. I’ve bought a pair of Salming trainers, which are quite nice. They were under £25 and the tongues are really quilted, but I think I need a more cushioned sole.

Listening to podcasts

I have been listening to podcasts when running recently. This is a complete change for me as I’ve not really run much with headphones before. I either like peace and quiet to enjoy nature or the chance to chat with a friend. Running has been my social life for more than a decade now. What’s changed is that I’ve not been able to run with the two friends I’ve run most with since having M. (One of them is pregnant and the other has an Achilles injury). I miss the chatter and spend a lot of time at home in silence these days.

The podcast that I’ve been enjoying most is Grounded with Louis Theroux. I’ve always liked Louis’ documentaries and listening to his podcasts has helped to take the focus off my slow run times. Today I listened to episode 7 – Miriam Margolyes. For some reason, my phone skipped it when I was listening to earlier episodes, so I’ve come back to it. I’ve always thought that Margolyes is an interesting person. She keeps her relationship private but is quite outspoken about a range of other topics. If you don’t want to listen to it, you might want to read Miriam Margolyes: Nine things we learned when she spoke to Louis Theroux.

Going for a run

I had considered going for a bike ride today, but it was icy when I got up, so I decided to go for a run. I headed down to Southampton Common after dropping M off at preschool. When I arrived the grass was completely white with frost.

Sun shining through the trees. Mist is rising from the frosty grass. There is no-one on the path.

My ankles have become incredibly stiff, so I decided to walk until my Garmin connected to satellites. I think it’s also getting as cranky as my body, so it took nearly 1km. That probably helped as my joints and muscles definitely need a warm up these days.

(not) parkrun

I decided to do the parkrun route as it doesn’t require any thinking on my part. I chose not to go too quickly in the hope that my shins wouldn’t start hurting. Luckily, my plan worked and I was able to run the entire thing without stopping.

As I was coming across the flats, I saw Lee from parkrun. I also saw him last week when I was doing my (not) parkrun. It’s really nice to see other members of the local parkrun community out running.

Image of The Flats on Southampton Common. The sky is blue with no clouds. A runner can be seen in the distance.

I did consider running 10k, but I decided to play it safe and stop after 5km. I was really pleased that although I had taken it really easy, my time was quicker than last week. It’s still nearly 10 minutes slower than my PB, but I’ve got a goal to work towards.

Selfie of Tamsyn on Southampton Common. Tamsyn is wearing running clothes.
Image of sunshine on Southampton Common. The grass is frosty and an icy puddle can be seen.

What is (not) parkrun

(not) parkrun is an opportunity for parkrunners to submit a 5k walk, jog, or run, on a route of your choosing, wherever you are in the world and following appropriate guidelines for physical activity wherever you’re based.

parkrun blog

Technically, what I’ve been doing is a ‘freedom’ run because it takes place on the parkrun route. I could run 5km elsewhere (which I have done many times on the last year), but any run that starts at my house will involve a lot of hills. Because of my current shin problems, I’m trying to avoid too many steep hills.

I did my first (not) parkrun last week. It was really nice to receive the equivalent of a results email.

(not) parkrun results text for my first (not) parkrun. My time was 34:24.
My first (not) parkrun results email.

It’s possible to view the results for all of the (not) parkruns that runners registered at your parkrun have completed that week.

My row in the Southampton (not) parkrun results table.
My row in the Southampton (not) parkrun results table for this week.

It’s also possible to see all of the (not) parkrun times that you have registered.

List of my two (not) parkrun results: 34:24 and 33:37.
I was 47 seconds quicker this week than I was last week. I hope I can continue making such good progress!

In other running news…

In just over a fortnight, runners will find out whether they have a place in the London Marathon ballot. I’ve entered the ballot for the last decade and have never been successful.

This year there is also the option to register for the virtual Virgin Money London Marathon. I considered it for all of three seconds before deciding against it. I’ve run six marathons and what has made them special has been the company, the crowds and the location. At present, my closest running friends are unable to run that distance, there are no crowds of supporters for a virtual race and travel restrictions mean there won’t be an exciting location. It will also cost £28, which is a lot of money for a virtual race.

Are you tempted to enter the virtual London Marathon ballot?

I’ve also booked tickets for the National Running Show South. It’s scheduled to take place in Farnborough in June. Who knows whether it will actually take place, but it’s nice to have something to look forward to.

Ticket order confirmation for the National Running Show South 2021.

What have you been up to since I last posted? Have you scheduled any events for 2021?

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    • I am immensely grateful that nurseries are open this time around… but I would desperately like mine to return to its normal opening hours, instead of offering reduced hours. My workload has increased so much in the last year that it’s impossible to get my job done without doing loads of overtime, so there’s very little exercise happening these days 🙁

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