Monday Morning Motivation: Rajpaul Pannu

A man (Rajpaul Pannu) racing in a running singlet and shorts.

Today’s motivation comes courtesy of Rajpaul Pannu. At 15, he weighed nearly 200lbs (over 14 stone or 90kg). He ate unhealthily. His father passed away from a heart attack at 40, so he knew he needed to change his life.

Pannu took up running and after a 2:17 debut marathon has qualified for the US Olympic Marathon Trials. Read his full story here:

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Long story short: Nice little article written up by my alma mater @smcgaels about me qualifying and racing the @usatf Championships in Iowa tonight (link in bio). _______________________________________ Short story long: I spent the past several months sacrificing time. Time away from friends and loved ones. That time has been poured into isolation on the roads and on the track. There would be days when I’d get off work (teacher life) and sit in my car, fretting over running miles and miles, knowing that it’d hurt. However, I told myself that if I were ever to be in a life or death situation for a loved one, I’d stake my life. I’m not afraid to die, nor should I be afraid to suffer and test my limits. _______________________________________ With that being said, it takes a village and I couldn’t have done this alone. Thank you @mrrubioused2run, @aggiesrunning and @hokaoneone for the support and for making this happen. Thank you to my college coach @marty_kinsey for your guidance and sage advice. Time to suffer once more and enjoy some (much needed) downtime. ? ———————————————— •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #Usatf #Track #running #timetofly #plowplowplow

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