Is breathing essential?

Tamsyn standing next to a swimming pool whilst wearing a Swimathon t-shirt

So, how’s my training going? Well, if I didn’t need oxygen, I’d say ‘GREAT’, but that’s not the case 🙁 Unfortunately, my unhealthy start to 2019 continues. I’ve just got over the worst case of sinusitis imaginable and have now got a cold. I’ve got a very annoying cough and my lung function is only at 70%, so I’m feeling very sorry for myself. Breathing is so hard right now.

Swimathon training

Stuart and I both had Monday off work, so we decided to go for a swim together. I was pleased to swim 2000m, which is the furthest I’ve swum for a long time. However, afterwards, I was annoyed that I didn’t push myself to swim for another 10/15 minutes to do 2500m.

I planned to swim again on Friday, but I wasn’t feeling great and it was raining really hard, which meant I didn’t want to walk to the pool. Reflecting on it, that’s a rubbish excuse when I was going to get wet anyway, but that’s it.

On Monday, I was still feeling unwell and my breathing wasn’t great. However, I had been listening to a podcast where someone talked about how the hardest thing with doing any form of exercise is taking the first step. I too that as a sign that I needed to get in the pool, so I managed an 800m swim. I did consider swimming for longer, but the pool was quite busy and I was suffering from (internal) lane rage. There were two women in my lane who were doing old lady breaststroke incredibly slowly, but because they had goggles on, they seemed to think it was OK. It was impossible to pass them and I couldn’t get into a decent rhythm, which was very frustrating.

Watch this to find out why I’m so passionate about Swimathon.

I need to keep my training up as there’s only about 6 weeks until Swimathon 2019!

My Swimathon 2019 entry.

That also means that images of the Swimathon 2019 medals have been released.

Swimathon 2019 medals.

…and I’ve now seen the official publicity photos of me that were taken during the Swimathon training day. I prefer the second photo as you can tell that I’m about to start giggling in the first one!

Professional Swimathon photo of Tamsyn Smith.
Professional Swimathon photo of Tamsyn Smith.

Training for Southampton Half Marathon

It’s now less than 3 months to race day and I’m starting to wonder whether I will be ready for Southampton Half Marathon or whether I have to be more realistic about my plans. I’m wondering whether I should swap to the 10k as I’m finding it hard to fit the training in.

How’s your training going for Southampton marathon, half marathon or 10k?

I did Southampton parkrun on Saturday, as usual. My breathing was starting to get bad at that stage and I was feeling very tired, so I wasn’t too disappointed to finish in 30:33.

Tamsyn's parkrun result from February 9th 2019 (30:33)

Meet the experts

I saw the following information and thought it might be helpful for anyone who’s training for one of the Southampton 10k/Half/Marathon events.

Solent University, Official Education Partner of the event, is delighted to offer participants and partners the chance to learn more about how to prepare for the race, and boost and sustain your running performance… and it’s absolutely FREE!
Join us on the 26th of February at Solent University as experts from the fitness industry and academics from Solent give you an insight into the best way to train ahead of the race!

Sign up for the event.

Reflecting on January

Like most people, I had great hopes for 2019. I wanted to start off being as fit and healthy as possible. I was planning a training schedule that I thought was realistic… but my poor health meant that nothing went to plan. In the end, I only managed 6 active days in January 🙁

Tamsyn's Strava stats for January 2019: 27km; 3:27; 280m elevation.

SAYSKY socks

I’ve been sent a pair of reflective socks by SAYSKY. So far, I’ve worn them for one run and found them to be very comfortable. However, that’s not their main selling point. They’re reflective, so are perfect for running in the dark… and the reflective bits are star-shaped, so they look awesome too!

What have I been reading?

How have you fared in the first six weeks of 2019? Is your training going well? Have you booked your main races?

I'd love to hear your thoughts...

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