Monday Morning Motivation: 95-year-old swimmer, Willard Lamb

A fit and healthy-looking 95-year-old swimmer standing in a swimming pool.

This week’s Monday Morning Motivation is a 95-year-old swimmer, Willard ‘Wink’ Lamb.

Many people think that sports and fitness are for young people and that they are too old to start a new exercise regime. That’s just not true! There may be some sports that might not suit your current fitness level. However, Swimming or other pool-based exercise types (such as aquarobics or pool jogging) are suitable for almost anyone. Water resistance and buoyancy mean that many people enjoy working out in a swimming pool.

Wink Lamb started setting swimming records in the 1930s. He stepped away from the pool for a number of decades before returning to masters swimming in 2005.

Wink’s Masters Swimming profile is an interesting read.

This video shows Wink swimming:

If you’re after more inspiration, please read the following articles about Wink:

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