Funnel managing

parkrun finish tokens in a pile

I’ve been unwell since 22nd December, so I was disappointed not to be able to take part in parkrun on New Year’s Day, not the first ordinary parkrun of the year on 5th January.

Stuart was feeling fine, so we agreed that we would go to parkrun together and he would run with Morgelyn whilst I helped out. I know it’s best to email in in advance to volunteer, but I was praying that I would recovery (whilst also being realistic that I may not actually feel well enough to leave the house).

It was another big attendance of over 1000 at Southampton, making it the second largest parkrun in the UK after Bushy. I knew this would make for a busy finish funnel, so that’s where I helped out. Giving out the tokens for that many people is a tough job, so I helped to get the runners ready with their right hands out ready to have a token placed on them.

Thank you email from parkrun for volunteering.

How many parkruns have you done so far in 2019?

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