Monday Morning Motivation: Running the Squamish 50

Squamish 50

The Squamish 50 is an iconic trail race held in beautiful Squamish, B.C. Canada. With 11,000 feet of elevation in the coastal forests of western Canada, Salomon athletes Anna Frost, Dakota Jones, and Anne-Marie Madden take the challenge.


Squamish 50 -50M race start

Gary Robbins (Race director, Salomon athlete): Who here is intending to run the 50/50 this weekend? [Cheers] Oh dear! Alright! We’re going to start in 1 minute 15 seconds…

Squamish 50 – 50km race start

Anna Frost, Salomon athlete: This race really covers a broad spectrum and a little bit for everybody. Saturday they do their 50 miler, which was a really really stinking hot day for everyone. So that was pretty hard but everyone coped really really well with it. Amazing aid stations out there as well.

Today was the 50k and the 23k. Some people actually did 50/50. So they did 50 miles and then 50k, which is extraordinary. I don’t know how they could get out of bed this morning and still think about running 50k. There’s a lot of really inspiring people out here, doing really really great things.

Squamish 50 – 23km race start

Dakota Jones, Salomon athlete: This race is really just a fun place to be, you know, everybody’s out here having a good time and from Dartmouth people, I knew there’s a lot of technical trails but I don’t think I really expected to feel the expanse of the forest. The forest her is really an element too itself.

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