Monday Morning Motivation: Running Across California

Running across California a film about Ali Butler Glenesk

“Go do something crazy.” That’s the spirit driving Ali Butler Glenesk, a runner who woke up one morning and hatched the ultimate challenge for herself: Become the fastest known woman to run across her home state of California. What did that mean exactly? Running 262 miles in 10 days east to west across the state. That’s about a marathon a day for ten days in a row. While Ali had logged thousands of miles on the trails in training, this would be her first time putting it all together in one long push. Realizing she didn’t want to go at it alone, Ali assembled her two middle-of-the-packer best friends to run with her. This is the story of a rag-tag lady triad out to prove that you don’t have to be an expert to go for something extraordinary.

This week’s Monday Morning Motivation is the story of a self-proclaimed middle-of-the-pack runner who achieved greatness.

If you’re short on time, you could watch the trailer:

If you’ve 13 minutes, you can watch the full film about Ali Butler Glenesk:

What are you going to do to achieve greatness this week?

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