Monday Morning Motivation: Free

Close up of a woman riding a bike

This week’s Monday Morning Motivation is about freedom and how riding a bike can make you feel free.

Free. None of this is free. But that’s what makes the payoff so sweet.

Anyone who has ever stuck with a training plan to prepare for a new challenge knows this. Anyone who has pedalled through a cold winter to reach new distances come spring knows this. Chances are if you’ve ever ridden a trainer indoors, you might have felt yourself banging up against that wall and asking yourself, why?

“Free,” the new film from Machines sets out to capture the inner dialogue of the rider who has found themselves at this crossroads and come out the other side with a reason… something to hold on to when those questions start to bubble up within.

For us, riding bikes is about so much more miles and elevation. It’s a means to something greater. It’s about personal growth as much as it is about pedalling. That feeling of weightlessness after cresting a mountain can release you from other things weighing you down in ways you wouldn’t suspect. The simple knowledge of the amazing things your body can do – like climbing to the top of a mountain – can buoy you up when you begin to doubt yourself.

If you’ve ever found yourself struggling to explain this thing we do to a group of people who just aren’t getting it, show them this film.



None of this is free.

We pay for it. Hours on the trainer. Solo rides. Hill repeats. But where it gets you, the reason we do this, that’s freedom.

Freedom from my mind. My stress. My responsibility. Freedom from criticism. From self-doubt. From fear. All the time put in to get here.

I got here with nothing but my own strength.

I’m weightless. I’m defying gravity.

Completely in tune with the bike, the crew, the pavement, the world around us.


Person standing in Yosemite Valley, USA to illustrate feeling free
Photo by Nicholas Sampson on Unsplash

What makes you feel free?

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