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Tamsyn in her Copyiat leggings at Medina parkrun with M

This weekend was really good with a couple of firsts for me – a new parkrun and some new Copyiat leggings.

I first tried to do Medina parkrun a couple of years ago when I was pregnant. On that occasion, I drove from Appley Park (where I was staying) to Medina Leisure Centre, only to find that the run had moved location (to Appley Park). I felt so frustrated.

When the opportunity came up to go to the Isle of Wight, I leapt at it, despite the early start.

What’s the course like?

We arrived early, which gave us plenty of time to explore the location and talk to other parkrunners. There’s plenty of parking at the venue… but make sure that you bring some change if you visit as it’s pay-and-display. There are also toilets available in the leisure centre.

I listened to the first timer briefing, which was delivered by a very enthusiastic runner. He delivered all of the key information about parkrun but admitted that he wasn’t 100% certain of the route. Fortunately, I knew that there would be people for me to follow. I particularly liked the volunteer’s line, “I can guarantee that you won’t be last as we have tail-walkers for that. I can’t guarantee that you won’t be first.”

The route goes around some sports fields, with some parts on grass and some on compacted gravel.

It was a very short walk to the start. I don’t think I was the only person who was unclear which direction we would be heading in – luckily, a few people’s comments made me realise that I need to head further back otherwise I would be on the start line!

There aren’t any real hills on the course, but the fields are on a slight incline, so some bits are definitely easier than others.

How did I do?

I’m not getting any fitter and for various reasons, I was feeling tired and stressed, so I knew I wouldn’t be particularly fast. My goal was to finish in under 30 minutes, which I managed:

Tamsyn's result from Medina parkrun

What are my thoughts on my new Copyiat leggings?

I was really excited to have the opportunity to try a pair ofCopyiat leggings,. There are lots of different styles, so I had a hard time choosing.

I really liked the peacock feather leggings. I love jade green.

Copyiat Peacock leggings side view

Unfortunately, I thought the image placement in the groin area might look rude!

Peacock leggings front

I also LOVE the idea of having some seasonal running tights. None of the Halloween leggings were my style, but I thought some Christmassy ones might be a good idea. I really liked this Santa-style pair:

Santa leggings

However, there was one pair of leggings that really caught my eye. These rainbow leggings are a range of beautiful colours, which means that they should match a lot of my running t-shirts.

Rainbow leggings side view Rainbow leggings side view Rainbow leggings front view Rainbow leggings rear view

I had originally planned to wear shorts for this parkrun, but it was a surprisingly cold morning, so I chose to wear my leggings  which was a good decision.

The material is silky smooth and although the fabric is printed, the design looks unaltered when wearing them. (I’ve tried other brands with sublimated fabric and when you put them on, the image stretches and the white fabric shows through which isn’t flattering). The waistband is flat and comfortable. I was a little worried that the leggings might slip when wearing them. I did pull them up once during my run, but as soon as I sweated a little bit, they stayed in place.

The length of the leggings was perfect for me – I’m 5’5″/166cm. I think that if someone much taller were to wear them, they would probably finish above their ankles.

At least 7 complete strangers commented on my leggings at Medina parkrun, including the Run Director. He shouted out that they were “The best leggings that I’ve seen today” – there were a lot of women wearing attractive tights! I also had a group of ladies come over after the run to compliment me on my leggings and ask where they were from, which was really flattering. Overall, I LOVE these leggings and am likely to purchase more pairs in future.

Tamsyn in her Copyiat leggings at Medina parkrun with M Tamsyn in her Copyiat leggings at Medina parkrun with M Tamsyn in her Copyiat leggings at Medina parkrun with M

Disclosure: I was sent a pair of Copyiat leggings in return for an honest review of them.

How was your weekend?

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