Monday Morning Motivation: Fight the resistance

Person sleeping in a glass igloo in Peru

When you think you need more sleep, forget it. Fight the resistance is a film by Territory Run Co. illustrating the personal fight to own the run and chase down what we wish to achieve.


It’s here.

The Resistance.

It feeds off my laziness. It says, ‘Stay in bed. Forget the morning run. You need more sleep for the long day ahead.’

It says the cold wet darkness is a monster. The roads and trails will own you.

Some days I can’t take it. My feet ache. The mind is a fog. And the resistance wins.

It’s an on-going battle. A fight for what you know is good. You get yourself to just squeeze through its hold and slip out the door. But still, the resistance follows. Waiting for cracks of weakness to slip through. It tells you you’ll never be what you want. Your dreams are too big.

Replace your vulnerability with a mask of stone. You are not a runner. You’re not fast enough.

But some days you wake up with a fire. You feel the blood in your veins and the power in your legs. And on those days, you stare the resistance in the face and mock its silly words.

And so you run. You fight. And you remember. The run is always worth fighting for.

How do you motivate yourself to lace up your shoes and go running?

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