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Zestful compression socks

One of the products that I’ve been testing recently is a pair of Zestful Compression socks. The socks are available in a wide range of colours (black, white, royal blue, pink, and white with red), but I chose white with turquoise as a lot of my running kit is turquoise.

Zestful compression socks

I’ve previously worn calf guards for running, but the only times I’ve worn compression socks has been for long-haul flights and after surgery to prevent DVT (deep vein thrombosis). The compression socks that I wore then turned out to be incredibly hot and uncomfortable to wear, so I was hoping for a better experience this time.

My first challenge was putting the socks on. For compression socks to work, they need to be tighter than normal socks, but this can make them challenging to put on.

Here’s the link to Zestful’s instructions video to put your socks on:

I found that the foot part of the socks fitted really well and there were no seams to rub my toes, which is always a concern for sports socks. My feet felt well supported.

Overall, the socks were comfortable. They were slightly long for me, so I folded the top over. I have found this to be a problem with every pair of compression socks and calf guards that I have tried. Maybe someone will invent a short option one day.

As the socks are made of synthetic materials, I wondered whether they would make my feet feel hot and sweaty, but this was not a problem.

Thank you to Zestful Compression for sending me the socks to review.

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