My new SOAS kit and a long run

New Team SOAS kit

I was so excited to receive my new SOAS kit… especially as the parcel contained a handwritten note from Steph (owner and founder of SOAS Racing).

New Team SOAS kit New Team SOAS kit

I had completely forgotten about the extras that I added to my order this year. I’m so glad I got the puffa jacket, even though it’s a bit warm to wear it at the moment. I also love SOAS running tights.

This year is the first time that swimming stuff has been included in the new SOAS kit. I’m looking forward to trying out the swimming costume. I’m not sure whether it will fit me, but it’s good motivation to get me back on track.

Running with Rachel

I go for a run with my friend Rachel almost every Friday. She usually has her son with her, but as it was half term, her husband was looking after F, so we were able to run on a route that isn’t suitable for buggies.

We met at the Sports Centre and went for a run around the edge of the golf course and into Lordswood. I’m still struggling with breathing whilst running. It was quite a hilly run which felt tough, but it was great to do more than 5k. By the time we had gone around the woods a few times and then I ran home I had run just over 14km. It was slow, but I felt like I could have added another couple of km to make it 10 miles.

7 minutes slower

On Saturday, I did Southampton parkrun as usual. I agreed to run with my friend Kate. We’ve both been struggling to get back to running well, so it’s nice to run with someone who can commiserate. This time last year we ran together (except for the final 200m) and both got PBs. I ran 23:40 then, so it’s frustrating that it now takes me 7 minutes longer to run a 5k than a year ago.

Southampton parkrun 2nd June 18

My goal for next Saturday is to finish in under 30 minutes.

It would have been nice to go cycling at the weekend, but I did the sensible 40+ thing and did some gardening instead. It mostly consisted of hacking off trees and bushes that are taking over my garden, rather than a little light weeding, so I’m figuring that it counts as exercise.

Ride London

My wake up call this week was an email about Ride London that was reminding me that it’s ‘now just two months to go until your 100-mile challenge’. Aarrgghh! I feel so ill-prepared.

2 months to Ride London

Have you ever let your fitness go? How did you get it back?

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