Monday Morning Motivation: This Girl Can Weightlift

Last year I qualified as a fitness instructor. It was the first time that I had been in a gym since I was pregnant. It reminded me how much I enjoy free weights. Fewer women seem to worry about lifting weights making them bulk up. #strongnotskinny is a commonly used hashtag. For this week’s inspiration, I thought I’d share some images that show the collaboration between the This Girl Can campaign and British Weightlifting…

This Girl Can Weightlift

Woman doing free weights with the slogan 'Hot and not bothered' Woman lifting free weights with the slogan 'I bend, I don't break' Woman lifting free weights with the slogan 'I don't skip leg day' Woman lifting free weights with the slogan 'I love playing, I just love winning more'

What’s your favourite free weight exercise?

2 Responses

  1. My favourite free weight exercise would have to be lifting a pint of creamy Guinness.
    Okay, apologies. Probably clean and clears for me. Good overall workout for arms, leg and core. Light enough bar, but plenty of reps. Looking for tone, not loads of muscle.

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