Basics of bike maintenance

Jose helping to fix my bike and teaching me basic maintenance

One of the things that puts many people off cycling is fear of having a mechanical issue. However, it is easy to learn the basics of bicycle maintenance. I’ve rounded up a few key videos that will help you to learn the skills that you need.

The most important maintenance videos

    • fixing a puncture

    • how to do an M check etc

    • checking tyre pressure

Intermediate level videos

    • replacing brake pads

    • wrapping bar tape

    • replacing a broken rear mech hanger

Advanced videos

    • adjusting derailleurs

    • fixing a broken spoke

    • repairing a broken chain

    • replacing a brake cable

What’s the best bicycle maintenance tip that anyone has given you?

6 Responses

  1. And the key is to learn these things at home. Everything from changing a tube to fixing a chain. That way it isn’t a reason to panic out on the road.

    • Definitely – there’s world of difference sitting somewhere sheltered with a variety of tools available and having to do roadside repairs in inclement weather.

  2. Great thanks! Adjusting derailleurs can be a bit tricky. I had an old LX which was a bit outworn and it was impossible to adjust it, replaced it with smth new and better and now its fine.

  3. Best advice I ever got was from the owner of our local shop. He said, “Go ahead and tinker with your bike. You can’t break it bad enough I can’t fix it.”

    I did, and he was right, I couldn’t break it bad enough he couldn’t fix it.

    • I completely agree. I always want to learn more about fixing my own bike, so I’m stripping down my dad’s old bike and rebuilding it. When I think I’m done, I’m going to visit a bike mechanic friend and go over it with him. If there’s anything not quite right, we can fix it, but it will be a great learning experience for me.

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