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M on her Brug

I’ve been fortunate enough to test a Kickstarter project recently: Brug by Wunderlife… An innovative bag/rug combo. This is a really interesting product that I think will appeal to a wide range of people.


The brug can fold up really small (about the size of a 2-pint carton of milk). Which means that it could easily be packed in a suitcase for holiday use, or stored in the boot of your car. (The picture above shows the brug folded up). I unfolded it and for a few seconds was uncertain what to do with the cords and zips before working out how to zip it into a roomy holdall.

Brug set up as a bag.

If I’d spent 20 seconds watching this video first, it might have been helpful:

The Brug also spreads out to a large square rug (150x150cm). I can see so many uses for this product including beach visits, open water swimming, outdoor exercise (like yoga and other things that require lying on the ground) and so on. Unfortunately, the weather hasn’t been kind so I haven’t been able to use it in as many ways as I’d like, yet.

I first used the brug when visiting a friend. We planned to have a picnic, and it would be ideal for that… However, terrible weather spoilt our fun. It didn’t mean the brug went unused, though. I had gathered up a few of M’s toys in it before visiting my friend. her house has hard floors, so I just opened the brug up, and then popped Baby M on it. It won’t be long before M starts weaning and I can imagine using it again then when visiting friends as we all know how young children love to throw food on the floor! It’s machine washable, so getting it clean again, won’t be a problem.

Tamsyn and M with some toys on a brug
Tamsyn and M with some toys on a brug
M on her Brug

The next day, the weather was significantly better. It was bright and sunny in my garden, so I decided to fit some gardening in. M is too little to be left unsupervised and she can’t walk or crawl yet, so she has to go everywhere with me. I laid the brug out on the grass and left her there playing and napping whilst I tidied around her.

Wunderlife Brug Kickstarter video.

I’m a little slow off the mark as the Kickstarter campaign went live yesterday (Tuesday 28th February) at 10.30am. Getting involved in the Kickstarter essentially means that you pre-order the Brug. I’m really in favour of Kickstarter campaigns as they reward early adopters. ‘Early bird’ backers (i.e those that pledge by 4th March) will receive the Brug at 40% discount on the retail price – £38 instead of £63, which is a fantastic saving. 

What do you think? Is this a product that you would use?Save


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