Still waiting

Stunning night sky. Photo by Pawel Nolbert on Unsplash

Well, I’m still waiting for Mini-Me to arrive, but she seems to be as stubborn as Stuart/determined as me!

I’ve eaten plenty of spicy food, but there’s a limit to how much curry/fajitas/chilli I can take! I’ve also eaten a lot of fresh pineapple, but apparently pregnant women need to eat at least 7 for the bromelain to have any effect!

Still waiting for my baby, so I'm eating fresh pineapple
Fresh pineapple

On Monday, I went to tri club swimming, which was fun, but I think people were surprised to see me there. Then on Tuesday, I went out for a brisk walk up and down a nearby hill whilst Stuart did a scheduled hill sprints training session.

Stuart doing hill sprints
Stuart doing hill sprints

img_7916 img_7917

I was advised against doing parkrun on Saturday, which was disappointing as I felt fit and well. I missed seeing everyone, but I took the opportunity to have a lie in instead. Last night, I didn’t make it to swimming. Today, I’m hoping to fit in a brisk walk (to get some raspberry leaf tea) before having a relaxing massage.

Fingers crossed that I’ll have some news soon!




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