Last parkrun of 2016?

Giant TCX SLR 1 2016

It’s been yet another busy week, where I’ve mostly had to be at home, so I’ve tried to make the most of the dry days and have spent some time in my garden. I raked up all of the leaves and filled my compost bin as well as a garden waste wheelie bin. I love living in an area with trees, but they do make a lot of mess in autumn! Fortunately, there are still lots of beautiful flowers in my garden to distract from the falling leaves!

Garden in October

Last parkrun before giving birth?

Yesterday, Stu and I went to parkrun. I wasn’t able to run with my friend, Kim, as she was Run Directing. At the start, I met my friend Teri, so we agreed to have a social run to catch up on all of the latest gossip. I was really pleased to finish in under 31 minutes. Especially given that it was my due date and I chatted all of the way around.


I was 16/36 in my Age Group, which surprised me, but I didn’t quite manage to finish in the top half of all women, coming in 143/275.

After the run, my friend Kate took a photo of me with her son Toby who had just been awarded parkrunner of the month. Well done, Toby!

Posing with Toby after my last parkrun before giving birth © Kate Budd
Posing with Toby after parkrun © Kate Budd

Buying a new cyclocross bike

After parkrun, Stu and I headed to Tadley to pick up my new cyclocross bike from Pedal On. We’ve not been to the shop before and were surprised by the wide range of bikes available.

I took the bike out for a spin today with Stuart. It felt very different from my road bikes, but it was lovely to be back on a faster bike than my hybrid.

img_7906 img_7907

I even let Stu have a go on my bike!


Hopefully, I’ll be able to get fit enough to be able to take part in a cyclocross event before the end of the season.

Are you challenging yourself to do anything new next year?


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