Tamsyn Smith is Living Proof that Not Every Ironman Has to be A Guy!

I’d really like to thank Aidan at runsociety.com for featuring my story recently: https://www.runsociety.com/interviews/tamsyn-smith-is-living-proof-that-not-every-ironman-has-to-be-a-guy/

Run Society interview screenshot

It was really great to connect with Aidan and to find out about a great community of runners. If you’ve not visited the site before, it’s well worth a visit.

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  1. Has there actually been anyone, in the history of recorded humankind, who has actually said “Every Ironman has to be a Guy”?

    Forgive my naivetè, I’ve just never heard that string of words put together. Well, maybe in some extremist religions that would be said, but…

    • I guess Aidan was just trying to think of a catchy headline 🙂

      RunSociety is based in Singapore and is mainly aimed at an Asian audience, so it could be down to language issues and a play on words. Many Singaporeans speak Malay, Tamil or Mandarin at home, and then have a bilingual education in one of these languages and English.

      According to the World Economic Forum Gender Gap Report published towards the end of 2015, Singapore ranked 54/145 countries with countries such as Rwanda, the Philippines and Laos ranked more highly in terms of gender equality, so women taking part in sports (outside fo professional athletes) is a relative new phenomenon in Singapore.

  2. That’s a great headline! One to raise at least a smile.
    I read the article – brilliant advocacy for the sport!

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