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Like thousands of others, this week I submitted my entry to the 2017 London Marathon. Fingers crossed it’s my lucky year and I get in! I don’t really feel that I want to train for a marathon at the moment, but I know that if I get a place, I’ll instantly feel excited and inspired. Of course, training for a marathon takes lots of time, energy, and enthusiasm. It also takes enough kit to get you through various seasons and to last you between washes.

There are lots of debates in the running community about daring to bare… and I don’t mean running naked (without a Garmin). Chafing is a runner’s worst enemy, so many runners choose not to wear underwear when running… however, help is at hand. Runderwear have created some amazing undies that are seam-free, so you are unlikely to chafe when wearing them.

As a chubby runner, I often wear shorts with a compression base layer. I don’t often wear tights, because I find them less comfortable. I’ve not been sure what to wear under them, but the weather has been quite cold recently, so I’ve wanted to wear tights. (I’ve also recently received my new SOAS Ambassador tights that look so beautiful that I want to show them off!) When I had the opportunity to try Runderwear, I leapt at the chance. (Don’t worry – this post won’t feature any pictures of me in my smalls, so you don’t need to look away now!)


There are various products available for both men and women, but I decided to try the women’s G-string. I chose a beautiful bright blue/turquoise colour. They have a really wide comfortable elastic waistband, which has the cute slogan ‘don’t run commando’ woven on the inside!


They’re also available in pink and black in two other styles:


I’ve now worn my thong several times. I’ve worn it in the sunshine and torrential rain and can honestly say that they are some of the most comfortable pants that I’ve ever worn. Fortunately, I’ve had no chafing and have forgotten that I’m wearing them. As they’re seam-free they’re also entirely invisible under my running tights, so no VPL here! (I had to wear a fitted jersey dress to work this week, due to laundry issues and an awards ceremony. If my Runderwear pants hadn’t been in the laundry basket, I would probably have worn them as they’re more comfortable than any other underwear that I own!) They are also going to become my ‘go-to’ pants for Cross Fit 🙂

One of my initial concerns was that wearing entirely synthetic knickers might make me feel sweaty and uncomfortable. The fabric that Runderwear garments are made from is sweat-wicking, so I stayed dry and at a comfortable temperature throughout my workouts.


Do you wear pants when running? What are your preferences?

I’m offering one lucky reader the chance to try runderwear for free. If you want to be in with a chance of winning, just click on the link below:

The giveaway runs from 12:00am on Monday May 9th 2016 to 12:00am on Monday, May 23rd. Full terms and conditions are available at the link below:

Fat Girl to Ironman ‘Runderwear Competition’ TERMS and CONDITIONS

No purchase necessary. The winner will be picked at random by Rafflecopter and announced on this blog by Wednesday, May 25th.

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    • They should definitely help with that 🙂 There are three different styles available for women (adn three different colours). If you check back tomorrow, the giveaway will be open, so you might get lucky and win a pair!

  1. I never wear anything under the running shorts or tights. I have never heard of anyone that does. I will layer as needed, but running bottoms don’t need a base layer. The notion of a g-string as I run makes me cringe.

    Good luck with London. I would love to do a world major someday…

    • I know a lot of shorts have built in briefs, but some people’s tights leave little to the imagination, so these can help with that. There are plenty of options apart from the g-string version 🙂

  2. Ladies and gents have different issues when running. It’s a, em, topographical thing, shall we say. A lot of blokes like the shorts that are double-layered; snug lycra/elastane underneath with the lighter polyester on top. Obviously you don’t wear anything else with these. I have two well-known branded pairs, and funnily enough, one works a treat, the other, not so much. So I guess the construction is all-important. I reckon I have too much gear already though. Runderwear will have to wait ’til I buy a bigger house…

  3. Depends: if I’m wearing Skirtsports stuff, then commando, because their stuff is fab. Anything else, I have some M&S granny pants that I bought too many years ago to admit to, which do a grand job of keeping everything out of harms way!

  4. I had a really tough time finding good running knickers and I’m still struggling at times. I am definitely interested in trying another type of runderwear!! I do not go commando. I’m 47 and my bladder is weaker than it was 20 years ago… 😉

  5. Also bought Runderwear on recommendation – had to go back and buy more. Really nice tops that don’t chafe and also wick well – and you can get them off again after a workout unlike some ‘major’ brands that leave you trapped like a straigh jacket!!

    • I was really tempted to try a crop top, but I wasn’t sure that it would be supportive enough for me :’-( I absolutely love the pants though 🙂

  6. I have tried undies of several different brands and BAM got chafing. UGH. i often go comando in summer but need undies for winter for sure. These look great and the no seems and wicking appeal! I have struggled to find good quality – these look amazing!

  7. Whilst I’ve been happy to run commando for many year’s – I do fear I’ll get caught out, mainly because I just worry about everything and create crazy scenario’s in my head! Quite fancy a big ole comfy pair of runderwear, I need to add them to the ‘to buy’ list..:)

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