Monday Morning Motivation – This is my spin class

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There’s no point in taking part in a sport or activity that you don’t enjoy. If indoor cycling isn’t your thing, try something else like table tennis!

What’s the most unusual sport you’ve tried? Would you recommend it to others?

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  1. I started pole fitness about 18 months ago and recently decided to start aerial hoop too. Would definitely recommend! Great for strength, surprisingly good cardio and the added bonus of impressive Facebook profile pics!

    • They both sound like fun. I loved gymnastics and was gutted when I had to give it up (the time pressure of training six days a week to compete internationally at karate whilst teaching full time meant I had to drop it from my schedule). I miss the flexibility I had and I reckon that you’d need to be flexible to do both of those.

      I’m starting a climbing course tonight to tackle my fear of heights and I’ve already started pondering the direction this blog might go in when I’ve finally completed my Ironman. It’d be fun to try a new sport every month for a year.

      • Flexibility does help but strength is definitely the main thing, sure you’d be fine! I’d happily take you to a class if you’re ever up Nottingham way. I went bouldering a few times with our friends – the climb down is so much harder than you expect! I ended up just jumping the last bit to the floor. Good luck!

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