What’s your favourite post training meal?

After long/important races I generally don’t feel like eating much, although after I’ve showered and had a nap I’m usually tempted by treat food, such as a pizza or ice-cream. However, I try not to indulge in those items when I’m training.

After training, I try to ensure that I get enough protein, which isn’t always easy as I’m a vegetarian. I also struggle with absorbing iron and can end up anaemic if I’m not careful. Post-training, I often feel tired, so I need to ensure that whatever I eat can either be preprared in advance or is easy to make .

Here are my go tos…

  • A protein shake
  • Scrambled eggs with avocado or spinach or cheese and chives
  • Natural yoghurt with protein powder added to it
  • Apple and peanut butter

OK, admittedly, some of those are snacks rather than meals, but as I said, I don’t often want to eat straight after exercising… and who doesn’t love peanut butter?!

Scrambled egg on toast with cheese
Scrambled egg on toast with cheese and chives

I’d like to try some new things in 2016, so please let me know what your favourite post-training meal of snack is.

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  1. Oh i’d love to have a nap after a race or heavy training session …. No chance with 2 boys !! One of my favourites is jacket spud with cheese and tuna and salad cream ! Yum !

    • The shower and nap often happen the other way around – Stuart drives, so I ‘rest my eyes’ in the car!

      At the moment, I don’t have an oven (new house woes!). I don’t mind microwaved potatoes, but I prefer them to be finished off in the oven so that they have a nice crispy skin. When we get an oven, then I’ll be back onto the potatoes.

    • I hear so many good things about the benefits of coffee, but I just don’t like it. I’ve tried, I really have, but the smell doesn’t appeal to me 🙁

      • Haha! I feel like that about tea! 🙂 Really can’t understand why people drink it. Even herbal teas. Ick! 😉 I never used to drink coffee, then I spent a lot of time in Italy in my 20s, and it’s practically the law to drink it there…. and I guess it’s decent coffee, too. So now I’m just a coffee snob 😉 I don’t drink that much. Just one in the morning, and decaff any other time, but I can’t drink instant…. Tbh, if you don’t drink it, I’d accept that as one bad habit you never have to break! 🙂

  2. Usually it is egg and bacon. Funny thing is that I published a post on post workout meal today…. I’m not to big on powder and depending on the time, the post workout meal might be my dinner, if not, it is egg and bacon

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