Monday Morning Motivation: The power of running

Close up of some Nike trainers.

This advert from Fleet Feet Sports really conveys the power of running:

“We run for different reasons. We have different goals. We come from different places. Yet, we are all on the same road – one without a finish line. Where personal achievement, performance, and connection run together.”

4 Responses

    • Great work on getting back to it. I saw your video – it looks like you have a lovely location to run in (although I find it incredibly hard to run on sand). I’m sure you’re fit from your cycling and your muscle memory from your duathlon days should see you through. If you fancy a sociable 5k at some stage, check out parkrun: Although they’re timed, they’re only as competitive as you make them. I enjoy teh opportunity to jog and chat with friends most of the times I go 🙂

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