In other news…

Graffiti saying "The best gift is you".

I have been so busy recently with work and training that I’ve not had as much any time for blogging?

The new parkrun milestone t-shirts should be arriving soon. I’ve volunteered loads, so I’ll immediately be eligible for one of the purple ones:

parkrun milestone tshirts

parkrun volunteering

I’ve also managed to fit in a few parkruns recently, including my 150th:

Southampton parkrun #154
Southampton parkrun #154

I’ve also entered the ballot for London Marathon, but there is such a small chance of getting in that I’m not holding my breath! (Apparently 247,069 people entered the ballot and by the time places have been allocated to good for age, elites and charities there is only a 7% chance of getting a place).

I'd love to hear your thoughts...

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