Penrose parkrun

Penrose parkrun finish funnel

Penrose parkrun #4 on 18th April was my first run since we got back from Japan. I was confident that I was feeling fit and healthy, even though I was fighting jet lag.

I had looked at previous results and thought that I could do well. However, I was entirely unaware of just how tough the course would be.


Getting to the start

We arrived early at the car park, but had to jog 2.5km to the start. Fortunately, a chap who was in training for London marathon met us, so we started talking to him whilst running. Well, I say ‘we’, but actually mean Stuart. The pace was a bit quick for me and I was doing my best just to keep up!

There were various people milling around near the start.

Penrose parkrun1

The run

After a brief briefing, we headed to the start point. I was aware that the first part of the course had a bit of an uphill, but was pleased to find that there was also a downhill, where I managed to pass a couple of runners.

Then it was onto a long drag uphill. It was along the cliffs so there was a gale-force wind refreshing breeze. At the start, several runners wearing long-sleeved tops and tights had commented on my shorts and t-shirt, but I was glad that I wasn’t wearing more. I saw a chap start to remove an extra layer and called out to him about how warm it was. we then started chatting. Like me, he was a parkrun tourist. He commented that his wife hates it that he is able to run faster than him; I explained that with a husband as quick as mine, I also have the same problem.

We turned a corner and found ourselves on a steeper incline. At this point, we both agreed that some speed walking might be more successful than our slow jog. I can’t remember the last time I walked during a parkrun, but I was grateful of a rest at this point. Surely there must be a downhill soon?

We carried on uphill and finally saw a downhill and the finish.

Penrose parkrun 2

My result

Having originally aimed for a sub 27-minute parkrun, I was relieved that I had finished in under 30 minutes!

Penrose parkrun
Penrose parkrun

This is a picturesque course that definitely suits people who like cross-country. Unfortunately, it doesn’t start and finish in the same place. This means there isn’t the fantastic downhill finish that I had been hoping for. However, it did mean that the walk back to the start wasn’t too bad.

What’s the toughest parkrun that you’ve tried?

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