I’m so excited…

Team SOAS kit in its box

…my 2015 Team SOAS kit has finally arrived:




First event of the year

I have my first multisport event of the year on Sunday (Winchester Duathlon). The kit has definitely arrived at the right time… but I want to wear it all now. (I’m wearing the new hoodie as I type). I was going to be sensible and have a rest day tomorrow. Now I’m very tempted to go to Southampton parkrun. If I take it steady, it’ll be OK, won’t it? Plus, if I’m slower people will have more time to admire my gorgeous clothes 😉

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    • Oops – too late! I was up really early anyway, so i couldn’t stop myself going out. I did behave though by running with a friend who was aiming to do a 35 minute 5k. Fingers crossed I don’t regret it tomorrow 🙂

  1. Cute kit! I love the colors. You are going to look great racing on it. Happy training!

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