A selection of grains including quinoa and freekeh

At the start of the year, I signed up for #GiveIt100 with the aim of focussing on healthy eating and making sensible food choices for 100 days. Unfortunately, I got thrown off track by some personal events and have struggled to get back on track again.

I know a treat every now and again is part of a balanced life. However, indulging at Sprinkles with waffles like this is not healthy:


Tomorrow, I’m working in London. It’s going to be a hectic day, but I’m going to commit myself to my goal again. It’s going to be tough, but losing weight is the only way that I will meet my goal of getting a PB at Southampton Half Marathon.

I’ve been preparing healthy food at home. I intend to have frittata with spinach for lunch at work. This week, I have a lovely selection of grains and pulses that I’m going to experiment with.

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 18.12.09

If you’ve any great vegetarian recipes that include amaranth, please share them 🙂


I’ve read a number of interesting articles relating to nutrition recently:

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