Spirit of the Triathlon?

We Are Triathletes promotional poster

Would you like to see a feature-length documentary on the inspiring journeys of six athletes preparing for Challenge Roth?

I know I would, as I loved Spirit of the Marathon, which is made by the team behind this venture. They’re attempting to crowd-source funding for it, and released some information within the last fortnight. Indiegogo gives more details.

triathlete magazine interviewed the film’s producer Gwendolen Twist: Dispatch: Triathlon Heads To The Big Screen

I don’t know how much funding is really required to make this a reality, but I hope it takes place.

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  1. That is a really fantastic race that is pretty well-known. Referring back to “Spirit of the Marathon”, I’m not sure it’s as well-known as the Chicago Marathon, but I’m willing to bet that they might receive a good amount of funding from Roth. Or at least I hope they do. 😉

    • I hope so too. In Europe, it’s one of the biggest sporting events and triathlon is currently booming here, so I’m hoping a few more people dig deep… and as you suggested, there’s a good chance that Challenge will put some money into it as it’s good publicity for them.

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