Fresh veggies and super swimming

Fruit and vegetables at a market

Happy Fresh Veggies Day! How many portions of veg do you eat every day? Five? Seven? Ten? …and, no, potatoes don’t count and neither does wine!!! Nutritionists agree that when it comes to fresh fruit and vegetables, most of us just aren’t getting enough. How about going vegetarian for a day to celebrate this event? (It’s also Fudge Day, but that’s not healthy, so I won’t dwell on it!) I’ve eaten plenty of fruit today, my lunch was a salad with plenty of veg and this evening I ate some delicious home-made veg bhuna.

I’d love to hear your favourite vegetarian recipes to celebrate this day.

This evening, I did another Tri Club swimming session. It felt like a tough session:

  • 100m breaststroke warm up
  • 25m sculling high hands
  • 25m sculling medium hands
  • 50m sculling wide hands
  • 200m steady swim
  • 300m steady swim
  • 400m steady swim
  • 400m fast swim (20 secs recovery)
  • 300m fast swim (20 secs recovery)
  • 25m breaststroke
  • 25m backstroke
    1850m in total

I’m seriously starting to panic about this weekend’s swim, but after I uploaded my Garmin data, I  found an email from RunKeeper in my inbox:

New PB for swimming - time

I’m trying really hard, but swimming doesn’t come easily to me. I just hope that it’s good weather on Sunday, and that the sea is calm. I have no idea how sheltered the cove is, but I’ve just looked up the results for all of the events from the last two years and was really surprised to see that only 15-25 people participated in each event… and almost all of them completed it in under 45 minutes. Oh dear – what have I got myself into?!

Do you have any tips for sea swimming?

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  1. Wow! That’s a great swim workout! I’m coming back after a pinched nerve so I’m taking it very easy.. Looking forward to feeling better and doing some workouts. I always feel like someone is waiting for me to get to the end of the lane to talk to me so I have a hard time focusing. I need to work on that and at sighting even when I’m in the pool.

    I also cut way back on meat this month and just today wrote about how good I’ve felt. I didn’t know today was veggie day!! I will celebrate appropriately. I’m actually having fish tacos tonight but I will load them up with the good stuff! Great post and amazing job!!

    • It’s touch coming back from injury, isn’t it. I have a competitive nature and although I’m aware that there are some people who I swim with that I’ll never beat, I always expect to be able to do as well as I’ve done in the past, which isn’t always helpful. Bizarrely, when I swam without prescription goggles last week, I think I was more focused as I couldn’t see what was going on around me and was less distracted!

      Well done on your healthy diet change… I must catch up with your blog as I’ve not had as much time recently to read. Luckily today is a rest day 🙂

  2. I definitely have to be mindful of veggies or I don’t eat enough of them. I try to do 3/4 of my plate in vegetables when I’m on good behavior.
    Your swimming skills amaze me! I would be too afraid to even start, so you are world’s ahead of me!

    • I LOVE veg… which is good as I’m vegetarian. Last night there were some reduced peas in pods in teh supermarket, so they’re going to be my snacks for today!

      It’s taken me nearly 18 months to get where I am with swimming – I only started learning in February 2013. I was terrified of putting my head underwater, but I took it slow and steady and found a good swimming instructor. Now that I can swim, I realise that I’ve missed out on years of fun. Give yourself some tiny goals and see how you get on 🙂

    • Hi Deborah! Thanks for stopping by! I’m hoping to make your orzo salad at the weekend… it took me a while to figure out what garbanzo beans were, but now I’ve remembered that they are chickpeas, the combination of ingredients sounds delicious 🙂

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